Time To Create A New Story For Your Hair Salon or Business..

Your Life Is A Work Of Art .. What about Your Hair Salon?

The Question Is Are You Creating Your Master Piece?

As the owner of a Hair Salon Facility….. How many of these challenges do YOU face?

  • Has Revenue reached a plateau?Hair Salon Causing Frustration
  • Has Profitability slipped?
  • Do your new sales results barely counter your client churn (cancellation)?
  • Do clients quickly lose enthusiasm, followed by absences, followed by cancellations?
  • Are clients getting board? How about you?
  • Having trouble really explaining how  you are really different than your competitors?
  • Trouble creating great staff or affording them?
  • What about keeping good staff?
  • Do your former staff ever poach your clients?
  • Do some staff members show up late or not at all? What impact does that have on your clients?
  • Are you facing new competition? (Like buying the same products you sell online at a cheaper rate or at the discount wholesaler down the road who said “never sell to general public” – yeh right!)

If one or more of these ring true for you, this blog post could present you with the opportunity of a life time.Doing Own Hair At Home??

Business Revival using Advanced Leverage Systems is helping Hair Salon like yours to increase their profits, create winning teams, and spend less time in the business.

In essence Business Revival is helping business owners like you make more money – with a lot less effort.  Business Revival is like you in many ways but instead we are the trainers for your Hair Salon. You know the benefits of  personal training, but who’s your Hair Salon business trainer?

Hair Salon Business Looking For Change…

How would you like to double your sales without spending an additional cent on marketing? Like to cut your client churn rate in half? Reduce your staff turnover. Increase your profits by 25% or more?

Let Business Revival show you how. Call us now on Skype: creativeinsights or Mobile: 0408 869028  Email: workwithhelene@gmail.com to arrange a complimentary consultation of up to 1 hours.

This consultation will be with out any obligation, for either party.

But you need to act quick Business Revival will only work with no more than 6 Hair Salon Business at a time.

As 2013 gets underway, it is obvious that the World has changed forever … Are You Ready to Create Your Master Piece?

To Your Abundance.



Business Revival Assisting Hair Salon Business Achieve Their Full Potential..

E: workwithhelene@gmail.com

Skype: creativeinsights

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeleneMearing


How Could Network Marketing Help Me Leverage My Business? leverage

Most People Do Network Marketing Every Day But They Don’t Get Paid For It?

Are You Creating Leverage with Your Marketing Like You Can With Blogging…

Or Are You Just Marketing And Hoping For the Best? Or Could You Really implement

some leverage in your business for long term growth?

Basic Principle Of Marketing…is to always give your target marketing exactly what it is looking for…

 Create Long Term Leverage Using Network Marketing Tools….

Now if your a Small Business Owner your probably having heart palpitations saying to yourself “Oh my god I can’t do that!” That is that pyramid stuff..social media leverage

Too many small business owners have their heads in the sand when this topic comes up. My suggestion is to look at the long term results what your doing now. Is your product or service you provide, creating leverage for you, your family and your business success?

No longer is your business just in your community, the world is now your shop front. The question is are you taking advantage and creating leverage with this new business model?

 There Are Many Network Marketing Models You Can Use To Create Leverage In Your Business…

To Your Business Abundance


 Business Revival Creating Leverage with Professional Network Marketing Tool …

P.S – If Your Ready For A New Year And Would Like To See If These Tools Could Compliment Your Business – Have A Complimentary Business Alignment Done…


Too Busy Earning A Living To Make Any Money?

To Make Any Money In This New Economy You Must Be Open To New Learning.

Many years ago when I started my vision for  financial freedom  I read some where

If you want to be wealthy you have to look at your close community of people around you. The level of wealth you gain will be reflected by your 6 closest to you.

What’s your best chance to succeed in business and make any money in this changing economy. The answer might surprise you …. look at who you hang with and be open to new opportunities.Make Any Money

If you, your family or your business are having more financial difficulties to think about, this information may mean more to your financial security  than anything you have read before.

My vision and mission is to spread the word there is another way to create opportunity and make any money you want. Do you have to give up what your doing? No! This can complement.

Will it be easy? NO it won’t be easy, as you will be confronting a new way of thinking and approaching your business.

When I look at my 6 closest I connect with, they are all professional network marketers.

One of them is my team leader Ray and Jessica Higdon …. Have a listen to Ray explain an additional way to generating financial security.

You can make any money when you are prepared to be open to new opportunity.

“The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” Future Shock by Alvin Toffler

You Can Make any Money Using The Tools Of Professional Attraction Marketing.

To Your Abundance



Business Revival Helping Small Business Owners Build an Exceptional Business.

Work With Helene – Numis Network

E: workwithhelene@gmail.com

Skype: creativeinsights1

Learning To Master YOUR Destination.


How Do You Master YOUR Destination  In Business and Personally?

The Power Of Dreaming  Is Your First Step To Master Your Destination.

Plans create belief in your success both personally and professionally. And if you have no plan how can you realistically believe you can be a success?

To ensure your success to master your destination with your business..Master Your Destination

You want to create a habit for yourself to use your goals to drive your business. With out this skill you’re relying on luck to drive your business.

How has this worked for you so far?

Align (re alignment) – Outcomes To Master YOUR Destination.

  • Create  a vision or your future business which survives a Reality Check.  You can down load your Alignment Work book here…. this will give you a reality check. 
  • Create goals you are prepared to commit to both personally and professionally.
  • Sort / Medium / Long Term Plans for your business.
  • A process for delivering on these plans & monitoring your performance.
  • A budget for your business.

Create Goals That Will Drive Your Business.Master Your Destination

Your Goals and your plans are your opportunity finders the problem sometimes occurs when we put to much in the bucket (You can read more on that here How Full Is Your Bucket)

The challenges arise in mastering your destination as …

  • We procrastinate because our goals aren’t clear.
  • We procrastinate because our focus is unclear.
  • We procrastinate because we have no action plan.
  • We procrastinate because of mental barriers.

To Master Your Destination -

Watch your thoughts. The most dangerous negative thoughts are your own. This is the year for change…..

To Your Abundance



Business Revival helping Small Business Owners Build An Exceptional Business… 

E: workwithhelene@gmail.com

P.S  A Key to building clarity and strength in your goals and directions is to connect with high achievers who already are making it happen …I Invite YOU to Join Our Priceless Weekly Training Webinars Hosted by 6 & 7-Figure Earners Since 2008


Struggling Hairdresser can’t Break $250K?

What if I could show you what’s been under your nose all this time that’s been stopping you achieving your dream? – No more struggling hairdresser.

Could it be that simple? The Answer is yes.Struggling Hairdresser

See how I, a struggling Hairdresser (who couldn’t make ends meet even when her life depended on it!)  Made a “shocking” discovery that changed the course of my business for ever.

Then do what I did…. start study what works for others and make it your own.

There is no quick fix for being financially free and successful in business however …

Building a Bridge between your Artistic Skills and Business Skills can show you how much profit is lying around in your business just waiting to be tapped.

Top 5 things I have learned in running my successful Hair Business. 1.       Have a Vision 2.       Create plans and Strategies 3.       Know your numbers 4.       Time Management 5.       Team Management

Yes my technical skills were important to me however …

After 20 years and NO MONEY…struggling hairdresser no more!

Change had to happen if I was too achieve financial freedom.Creating Leverage with Numbers
Our World is spinning so fast, technology is taking over however Hairdressing has one MAJOR advantage clients still need to come to the Salon …. if you adapt to this new approach you can kiss the struggling hairdresser good bye.

One area creating challenges for many can be point Number 3 – Know your Numbers

 Understand the Growth Profit System, you create leverage – no more struggling hairdresser

Read Small Business Victim Part  something critical to me was learning to make sense of the Numbers.

They were all very abstract to me…. I was better cutting hair or putting a color on than making sense of the numbers.

Challenge is your business will confront you with what you’re not good at. I know I had lots of great clothes and shoes but no money in the bank and a credit card bill still keeping me in debt.

Understanding the Numbers was my biggest downfall I was an “artist” not an accountant.….

Your Business will front you with what you need to know … Numbers are the key to creating long term success.

Financial Freedom equals Financial Responsibility … Confronting what you don’t fully understand creates enormous confidence which is in turn reflects through your business.

Learning how looking at your business from a different point of view can be the opportunity for you to create massive results and earn more revenue

Our economy is facing change the old industrial model is feeling the strain to this now social media knowledge based marketing and business development

Hairdressing is in a prime position to make a difference and make a fortune if they are willing to look at your business from a different angle. Yes it will mean  you must learn the skills of social media marketing if you are to take full advantage of this change.

This can be confronting. I understand how you feel ….

With this new economy, you need all your skills as a hairdresser combined with your business knowledge if you are to create a profitable sustainable enterprise.

Start to Measure your Numbers and watch your Business grow use this
Growth Profit System Leverage Chart.

To Your Abundance




E: workwithhelene@gmail.com

P.S – Learning How To Market Your Business online can be overwhelming however a critical step to build your Hairdressing Business. At Last a Business building Academy to give you the complete low down for those wanting to combine their traditional business to the online world. Check this out Business Building Academy.


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